There are many reasons why having private health insurance is a fantastic idea for couples across Australia. Being coated for common extras such as optical and dental will guarantee you can take care of the basics if you need to, and there’s the bonus of not having to wait during public hospital waiting lists that comes as a huge relief if either of you get into a bind.

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We can think about a’few’ of seriously compelling reasons why many couples round the country should think about this kind of cover.

Get in early and save

As a young couple, you may not think about health insurance a huge priority, but it represents a great chance at your age. For starters, neither of you need to cover certain penalties on your premiums until you are over the age of 30 (see below), so now’s a great time to secure reduced cost coverage and claim on the things which matter for you. Get an extras coverage and fix those teeth! Have an old high school injury from playing soccer? Utilize your cover and see a physio.

Taking out health insurance between both of you can also be a excellent way to enhance your debts, therefore compare coverages utilizing our website to find out if you’re able to find a fantastic value finance.

Beat the LHC

If either of you are coming your thirties, it’s time to lock the lowest base rate premium under the government’s Lifetime Health Cover program. With each year after July 1st after your 31st birthday, the government raises your health insurance premium by 2%, if you don’t have private hospital cover.

This means if you should jump to personal medical insurance at the age of 40, you’d pay a whopping 20% additional!

When you take out an insurance plan, LHC calculations are averaged between the both of you. For instance, if you have 20% loading, and your spouse has a 0 percent loading, your coverage needs to have a 10% loading. If one of you missed the ship, so to speak, it is not too late to spare!

If you’re worried about the price tag, you can always take out a policy with just the features the both of you may need. Speaking of features you might need…

Thinking of starting a family?

If you decide to start a family with your spouse, then it’s an perfect time to think about health insurance. Why? As you are not covered for obstetrics (health care services associated with childbirth) or assisted reproduction services (e.g. IVF) through the private system until you sit through a waiting period of 12 weeks. If you want to have your kid in a private area, in a private clinic, using an obstetrician you choose, consider cover well before conceiving.

Secure great cover as you mature

As you age, health insurance becomes absolutely crucial. If both of you wind up in hospital for any reason, having the right level of hospital cover will allow you to concentrate on the essential things like caring for yourself or your spouse, instead of worrying about waiting lists, or having to think of extra funds in a bad moment.

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